Maskathon Donation Handovers

Who will be helping us disperse the donated masks?

We are planning to support the following charitable organisations, and are adding more as our initiative grows. If you have an NGO or charity you would like to support, please contact us.



The Mustadafin Foundation

In 1986, the Mustadafin Foundation was established. It emerged during the Apartheid era in response to political unrest and violence that erupted due to faction fighting in Crossroads, which had devastating effects on the local communities, particularly women and children.

Read more about the foundation here.


Shiloh, Community in Action

Shiloh aim to uplift the poor communities of the Western Cape, through effective, holistic projects aimed at addressing the needs of the community. These projects are managed with integrity, so that the community receives maximum benefit and the donors receive maximum satisfaction.

Read more about Shiloh here.


Afrika Tikkun South Africa

The primary objective of Afrika Tikkun is to provide holistic development in disadvantaged communities. They aim to empower young people by affording them the opportunity to receive gainful education, good health care, nutrition and support for their families. In doing so, they equalise the playing field for unprivileged young people so that they have the same employment opportunities that privileged youth have.

To learn more about Africa Tikkun, please click here.